Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine

Lab of Dr. Robert G. Kalb

In 2017, Robert G. Kalb became the first Director of the Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine, Chief of Division of Neuromuscular Medicine and Professor of Neurology.

His laboratory studies the basic mechanisms underpinning ALS using genetically engineered mice, primary neuron culture, C.elegans and yeast disease models. His work has focused on the fundamental molecular processes that go awry during disease.  For example, Dr. Kalb’s group discovered that derangement of energy metabolism is a key contributor to neuronal death in models of ALS.  In addition, he identified two cell biological pathways (GTPase mediated vesicle trafficking and RAD23 mediated protein degradation) that can be targeted for treatment of ALS.

The Kalb lab is passionately committed to bending the arc of disease and finding a cure for ALS through innovative and collaborative research.

Visit the Dr. Kalb’s page at Northwestern Medicine to learn more about the research being conducted.

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