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    Comprehensive ALS care and support.

    Founded in 1977, the Les Turner ALS Foundation is one of the longest-serving ALS groups in the country. Our support services team helps people living with ALS receive the best quality of care and access to the most promising therapies, and we offer support groups, ALS resources and webinars, and live events to provide answers and encouragement. Our Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine is led by the most well-respected scientists and clinicians in the field, advancing vital research into causes, treatments, and cures for the disease. Learn more about ALS.

    Individualized Care,
    Local Community Support,
    Hope through Scientific Research

    The progression of ALS can mean tomorrow is often worse than today. As a result, people living with ALS may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what questions to ask and what to do next.

    The Les Turner ALS Foundation exists to care for those affected by the disease, answer their questions, support them and their loved ones and provide hope through scientific research.

    What is ALS?

    What is ALS?

    ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a disease that weakens the muscles we use to move, swallow and breathe. The effects of ALS grow more severe over time and eventually become fatal. There is no cure yet.

    ALS is scary. Really scary. But we’re here to answer your questions, provide encouragement, and ensure you, and those you love, feel comforted and confident as you progress in your ALS journey.

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    ALS Walk for Life

    ALS Walk for Life

    Thanks for joining us on Saturday, Sept. 23 for food trucks, music, children's activities and a two-mile stroll along the lakefront in Chicago, finishing at historic Soldier Field.

    The funds you raised will help provide comprehensive care and support to people living with ALS and their families so they can confidently navigate the disease, and advance research into causes, treatment and cures for ALS.

    ALS Walk for Life Page

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