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The Foundation provides several opportunities for people living with ALS and their families, and those who have lost someone to ALS, to come together, offering support to each other and receiving the professional guidance of the Foundation’s ALS Support Services Coordinators.

You Are Not Alone

Many people find a peer support group to be a safe space to help navigate and manage the difficulties in their lives. Faced with similar challenges, participants of support groups understand, on a deeper level, what other members are feeling and experiencing without the need for explanation. A support group can help its members cope better and feel less isolated as they are surrounded by others who are undergoing a similar situation. Group members typically share their personal experiences and offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. Support group leaders are present to offer guidance and disease education as well as encouraging conversations to continue in a direction that is of interest and benefit to the entire group.

The Foundation has formed its support groups to offer people and families living with ALS, and those who have lost someone to ALS, a support system outside their immediate circle, to make connections with others and offer a place for members to gain additional emotional support and practical guidance for their situation.

Online Support Groups

Support group meetings are open to people living with ALS, family members, caregivers and friends, and those who have lost someone to ALS.

For more information about any support groups or meetings, or to be placed on our support group mailing list and/or to RSVP to a group, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you

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Ensuring Our Support Groups for Years to Come

Learn more about the Ileane Mindel Support Group Fund and how to make a donation, here.

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