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My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care

The My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care is a tool used to gather one’s personal and medical information pertinent to their daily care and quality of life. It is a useful tool to share with your loved ones, outside caregivers and/or anyone who is part of your medical or support team.

Not only is it a way to compile what one may deem to be standard and necessary demographic and personal medical information, but it is also a way to relay information regarding your day-to-day routine and how you wish to be cared for. Information such as how you communicate, how you obtain your nutrition and hydration, your preferred method of pain/anxiety management and your personal likes and dislikes are just a few areas you can highlight using this tool.

There may be several people who participate in your care or new ones introduced along the way or your care may be transferred from one place to another. Re-communicating all this information can be time consuming not to mention exhausting. Having it all in one easily accessible place can save you time and energy. It will also help those who care for you to meet your needs more effectively and personally and give them easy access to important information should they need it quickly.

The My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care can be completed in a hard copy format or online by using our easy-to-use digital layout. Whichever format you choose to use, remember to update your information periodically as your condition and needs change.

ALS Learning Series: "My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care"

During this 20-minute webinar, Karen Steffens, RN, CHPN, CCM will walk you through the My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care, including how to fill it out and when to use the tool. This will be followed by a short conversation between Karen and Rosie Riley, a person living with ALS, who has benefited greatly from filling out the Passport.

Watch the webinar.

Cover of the Communication Passport

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