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Use this section to find news on Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, grants and other sources of financial support outside of what the Foundation offers.

To learn more about financial support the Foundation offers, please visit our section on Grant Programs and Equipment Loans.

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Social Security Disability

This can be obtained by patients who have put enough money into the social security system in the last 40 quarters. You can look up your benefits here.

To apply for social security disability, click here.


If you are accepted for social security disability payments, you will also be eligible for Medicare benefits. You are entitled to Part A (hospitalization) at no cost, but Part D (medication coverage) and Part B (doctors, lab work, tests, equipment, etc.) have to be purchased.

To apply for Medicare benefits, click here.


Medicaid is health insurance provided through Public Aid. Learn more about the program here.

To apply for Medicaid, click here.


ALS is considered to be a service-related disability, which gives our ALS veterans access to a multitude of benefits. Read about the benefits to veterans here.

The PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America) is amazingly helpful.  Our local representatives are:

Robert Statam, National Service Officer

Winston Woodard III, Senior Benefits Advocate

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