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Les Turner ALS Resource Guide

The third edition of the Les Turner ALS Foundation Resource Guide provides information and resources for people living with ALS, family members, caregivers and health professionals. Assembled by the staff of the Lois Insolia ALS Clinic at the Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine and members of the Support Services Team, the Resource Guide is available online for viewing, downloading and printing.

Reading all 11 sections at one time can be overwhelming to persons with ALS and their families. We highly recommend that you focus on the information that pertains to your present circumstances.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide for People Living with ALS (Full Guide with All Sections)
Forward Section
Section 1: ALS Overview
Section 2: Medication and Drug Research
Section 3: Coping with ALS
Section 4: Resources for Daily Living
Section 5: Caring for Persons with ALS
Section 6: Nutritional Support
Section 7: Speech
Section 8: Respiratory Care
Section 9: Insurance, Financial and Legal Issues
Section 10: Genetics
Section 11: Useful Resources

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Additional Resources

My ALS Communication Passport to Quality Care 

Please click here to download an extensive list of additional resources. This list is divided into seven sections: bereavement, books for and about children, cookbooks for people living with ALS, disease management and coping, medical textbooks, personal stories and DVDs. While some of these items may be out of print, you can often obtain them via your local library or retailers such as

The above list is provided as a service to the ALS community. The Les Turner ALS Foundation does not endorse or recommend information, products or services contained in these materials. You should contact an appropriate medical professional before making decisions about treatment.

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