2017 Research Award Recipients

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The Les Turner ALS Research and Patient Center is pleased to announce it has awarded seven seed grants to collaborative ALS research projects for 2017. Grants were awarded to scientists at Northwestern Medicine in the research areas of basic science, ALS drug development and genetics. These seed grants allow Northwestern researchers to collaborate with scientists around the country on new and novel ideas. The hope is that successful findings from these studies make them eligible to apply for grants from larger granting organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health, to spur larger scale studies on ALS.

  • Grant Title

    Dissecting the Role of DeNovo DNA Methylation in the Development and Function of Human Motor Neurons

    Molecular mechanisms by which corticospinal motor neurons communicate ALS disease via exosomes

    Multicellular models to evaluate how the nuclear and cytoplasmic proteomes are affected by the C9-HRE

    Novel Drugs for ALS/FTD (frontotemporal dementia)


    Developing novel approaches for protein misfolding and aggregation using discovery from C. elegans models of ALS

    Discovering novel genetic causes of Sporadic ALS

    Preclinical validation of selected compounds for motor neuron disease

  • Primary Investigator and Collaborators

    E. Kiskinis, Northwestern; K. Quinlan, Northwestern; A. Meissner, Harvard


    H. Ozdinler, Northwestern; C. Thaxton, Northwestern

    E. Kiskinis, Northwestern; J. Savas, Northwestern; C. Donnelly, Univ of Pittsburgh; M. Karver, Lurie Research Center

    T. Siddique, Northwestern



    R. Morimoto, Northwestern; L. Bott, Northwestern

    T. Siddique, Northwestern


    H. Ozdinler, Northwestern; R. Silverman, Northwestern