ALS Reversal: Dr. Richard Bedlack’s Unique Approach

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Dr. Richard Bedlack, Professor of Medicine/Neurology at Duke University, Director of the Duke ALS Clinic, and Chief of Neurology at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center, dedicates his life’s work to researching alternative and innovative methods to cure ALS. Deeming himself the pariah of his field, Dr. Bedlack emphasizes the importance of “thinking outside the box,” in regards to ALS research. His creation of ALS Untangled, a website serving as a forum and hub for the ALS community, allows patients to share their unique treatments, via Twitter, that may be overlooked by doctors or researchers.  Jaw-dropping stories of miraculous recoveries and reversals of ALS symptoms flooded the website’s forum.

Listen to a podcast by Reply All, highlighting multiple uncanny instances of recovery and Dr. Bedlack’s unique approach to discovering and cultivating a cure, here.