Cytokinetics Communication Fellowship Grant

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Cytokinetics, the late-stage biopharmaceutical company, recently announced the recipients for its’ second annual Communications Fellowship Grants. We are excited to share the Les Turner ALS Foundation is one of the five grant recipients this year!

A total of $100,000, $20,000 each, was awarded to five organizations to increase resources, support patient communities and bring increased awareness to the disease in the communities they serve.

We recognize our Les Turner ALS families are overwhelmed by symptom management, equipment and medications which can lead to delays in decision making, ultimately causing adverse impacts on health outcomes and increased caregiver burden.

The Cytokinetics Communication Fellowship Grant will allow us to create a Decision Tree designed to simplify complex medical decisions and prioritize clear patient and family preferences and values, all the while facilitating an open and honest conversation between people living with ALS, families and our multidisciplinary care team.

“We are grateful to Cytokinetics for providing us with funding to develop user-designed, interactive decision support tools to help families confidently navigate their ALS journey. ALS is scary. Our goal is to help drive discussions in the home and multidisciplinary clinic to make informed choices. This tool will not shy away from addressing the challenges of the disease and will offer an opportunity for families to have a simple way to access information for needs that they have right now and for the future,” shares Lauren Webb, our Director of Support Services and Education.

Cytokinetics has long been an advocate for the greater ALS community and this Communications Fellowship Grant is yet another example of its commitment to our Les Turner ALS family.

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