Introducing the ALS & Participation in Clinical Research Guide

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As the field of ALS research evolves, opportunities arise to participate in clinical trials and research studies that could lead to new treatments and insights into the disease. At the Les Turner ALS Foundation, we want to empower people living with ALS and their families to make informed decisions about whether to participate and break down the complexity around clinical research.

To address the critical need for diversity and accessibility in clinical trials, we are proud to launch a new guide to ALS & Participation in Clinical Research, now available in both English and Spanish.

Developed in partnership with NEALS (Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Consortium), this guide is designed to make clinical trials more accessible and inclusive. NEALS is a collaborative network of clinical research sites dedicated to conducting clinical trials and accelerating the discovery of treatments for ALS and related motor neuron diseases.

By breaking down barriers to participation and increasing enrollment in clinical studies, we aim to enrich the research process with diverse perspectives and data, which are essential for developing more effective treatments and ultimately, finding cures for ALS.

This comprehensive guide provides clear, detailed descriptions of the clinical trial phases, the various types of studies, and the rights and expectations of participants. It includes insights from healthcare professionals alongside real-life experiences from people living with ALS, offering a broad and wide-ranging overview of the clinical research landscape.

Whether you’re considering participation in a clinical trial for the first time or looking to understand more about the research process, this guide will serve as a valuable tool in navigating your options and understanding the potential impacts on your treatment journey.