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Upper Motor Neuron Degeneration Pinpointed 

In a recent study published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, researchers at our Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine and the University of Belgrade have discovered the electrophysiological mechanism behind upper motor neuron disease, which could unlock potential treatments for ALS.

The study, funded in-part by the Les Turner ALS Foundation, pinpointed the source of the degeneration to the electrical signals from potassium and sodium ion channels within the upper motor neuron’s cell membrane.

Senior study author, Hande Ozdinler, PhD, explains the significance of this discovery, “There are already drugs out there for some of those ion channels…but we never thought we could use them for ALS because we did not know the mechanism.”

“This is the information we needed to move forward,” shares Ozdinler. “Now, we may begin to investigate whether we can utilize some of these drugs, already approved by the FDA, for motor neuron diseases.” Learn more about this latest discovery>>

Looking Back at a Year of Milestones

2019 was a year marked by growth, innovation and collaboration, none of which would be possible with you.

In our first-ever digital annual report, you will see our focus on care, support and novel scientific research to unlock the mystery of ALS has never strayed. View our digital annual report here>> Or download a PDF version here>>


In the Words of Our Les Turner ALS Family

As we wrapped up ALS Awareness Month last week, we asked you a question. What one word comes to mind when you think of the Les Turner ALS Foundation?

The word cloud (above) represents all the words our Les Turner ALS family shared.

HOPE. CARING. DEDICATION. And so many more. Our Les Turner ALS family means so much to so many people.

The Les Turner ALS Foundation represents something different to each and every one of you. And it means the world to us to partner with you in our shared vision of creating a world free of ALS.  We are truly humbled. Download and share the Les Turner ALS Foundation Word Cloud here>>