Nearly $1 Million in ALS Grants Awarded in 2022

Mark HeidenFoundation Blog, Research News

The Les Turner ALS Foundation is excited to announce nearly $1 million to be funded in 2022 for new research grants and clinic and endowment support to the Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine!

These discoveries would not have been made without research pilot grant funding, a program to fund novel investigations in ALS using innovative technologies for a one-to-three-year period. Prior to approval of the research pilot grants, each grant proposal goes through a rigorous process of evaluation, including review of the proposals by independent experts from around the world.

With these grants, we welcome new members to the Les Turner ALS Center with fresh ideas in the ALS research space. Dr. Kalb says, “I am particularly excited that this year we are supporting investigators that are new to the ALS community.” He adds, “The supported work will give us novel perspectives on: 1) the immune system’s contributions to disease; 2) the linkage between intermediary metabolism and ALS; 3) models of sporadic ALS using human cells; 4) genetic modifiers of disease; and 5) how electrical properties of neurons impact neuronal survival. In combination with our robust clinical research program, the results from the research labs will be well positioned to be translated into tangible new therapies for ALS.”

We’re proud to congratulate the recipients of the 2022 basic research clinical research pilot grants. We can’t thank our generous donors enough in allowing us to increase funding for scientific research for the prevention, treatment, and cure of ALS.