Faces of ALS: Giving New Meaning to ‘an ALS Journey’ …Road Trip!

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Erin Weis generously offered her story for our 2021 Annual Appeal, helping raise vital funds for ALS care and research — just one of the many ways she volunteered to support the Les Turner ALS Foundation. But her story was only captured on the print brochure for that campaign, not our website. After Erin passed away in January 2023, we wanted to share her and Adam’s inspiring perspective and awesome road trip.

Former Chicago schoolteacher Erin Weis is living her best life. Despite having been diagnosed with a fast-progressing form of ALS in September 2020, Erin is making the best of her ‘ALS Journey,’ including a three-week road trip with her boyfriend Adam and two dogs, Hank and Baxter.

“Doing the ALS journey this way has made me feel alive,” says Erin. “ALS won’t win; not yet.”

Living Their Best (ALS) Lives

Adam and Erin are finally doing the ‘bucket list’ activities they put off for years.

Adam explains, “Before Erin was diagnosed with ALS, she was so into her work. Erin told me that if it weren’t for ALS and the services provided by the Les Turner ALS Foundation, we wouldn’t be having these life affirming experiences together.”

“I’m hopeful that eventually there will be a cure for ALS,” says Erin. “Thanks to the Les Turner ALS Foundation for their ongoing research and studies. I just know that I’m not ready (to give up).”

“I’ll do whatever I humanly can to make what Erin wants happen,” says Adam. “Most people have someone in their corner, and for Erin, that’s me.”

Although Erin’s losing her ability to speak more and more with each day, and relies on a walker to get around, she now has the tools and resources to help her with these challenges. She is also grateful to the Foundation forgiving her the platform to educate others about ALS. Even though Erin is no longer in the classroom, she’s still teaching.

Erin is grateful for your prior support of the Foundation which is helping her to live her best (ALS) life. She hopes that you will do the same for others, by again funding the Foundation’s services as generously as you can.

As Erin has learned, and now teaches us: “Whatever it is that you need to do to live your best life, do it now. There is no better time than right now.”

Please consider making a donation to show your support for people like Erin and her family or in honor of a loved one who you know is living or lived with ALS.