February 2021 Foundation eNews

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Therapeutic Potential for New ALS Drug

According to a recent study published in JAMA Neurology, ezogabine, an experimental drug, is found to have potential therapeutic possibilities for ALS treatment.

“Most importantly, ezogabine decreased cortical and spinal motor neuron excitability in ALS patients,” explains Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD, head of the Kiskinis Lab at our Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine and co-author of the study.

Neuron excitability is an early component found in both sporadic and familiar ALS. The study consisted of 65 people living with ALS and therefore, “a larger and longer trial will need to be executed in order to assess therapeutic efficacy,” says Dr. Kiskinis. Read more about the study on Northwestern’s News Center>>

Last Chance to be a CRLI ALS Research Ambassador

“You get so much out of the program,” says Deb Paust about the NEALS ALS Clinical Research Learning Institute (CRLI) she attended in 2015.

“You not only have the opportunity to connect with your peers, but get to learn from the leading ALS clinicians around the country, who provide advocacy tips and advice on the best ways to get involved.”

This year, the Les Turner ALS Foundation is hosting its first-ever Chicago Virtual NEALS ALS CRLI from February 20-21. Spots are limited and patients, caregivers, and surviving family members are encouraged to apply before the deadline on February 5! Learn more and apply to be a CRLI ALS Research Ambassador today>>

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Did you know ALS home caregivers are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 1a? This and other recent updates are available on the COVID-19 resources page on our website.

Along with answers to some common questions, we’ve compiled links to local and county health departments for further information.

We encourage everyone to learn more about vaccine distribution in your area and to sign up for any notification systems or updates from your county health department. Visit the updated COVID-19 resource page here>>