March 2020 Foundation eNews

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We Are the Les Turner ALS Foundation

Last week at our record-breaking Hope Through Caring Gala we premiered our brand new Les Turner ALS Foundation video!

Our vision for our latest video was simple – our Les Turner ALS family is about so much more than three little letters.

The video highlights the members that make up our family, from people living with ALS, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, social workers, nurses, event planners…you.

We couldn’t have made the video without the Carradine, Greer and Queyquep families who welcomed us into their homes to help share their stories.

Help us spread the word and share the video far and wide! Check out the full video on Youtube>>


New Mechanism Discovered Behind an ALS Mutation

Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD, of our Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine, recently discovered the mechanisms and consequences behind mutations in the ALS gene C9orf72.

The C9orf72 mutation is responsible for the largest proportion of familial ALS as well as some sporadic ALS cases.

“In this study, we sought to identify the proteins that are affected and become mislocalized in the cells of patients. We uncovered a number of proteins, which end up in the wrong place and as a result, their function is likely compromised,” shares Dr. Kiskinis. Continue reading about this latest discovery out of our Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine>>


Ensuring Our Support Groups for Years to Come

As we recently announced, Ileane Mindel, RN, is retiring after nearly 25 years with the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

Ileane joined us as a Home Liaison Nurse in September 1995 and, along with the late Claire Owen, developed our trademark home-visit program.

Since then, she has supported thousands of individuals with ALS and their families and has led nearly 1,000 support group sessions.

In honor of Ileane’s quarter of a century of support to families living with ALS, we created The Ileane Mindel Support Group Fund, dedicated to ensuring the members of our Les Turner ALS family have access to the immeasurable assistance given at our monthly support groups. Click here to make a donation and learn more about The Ileane Mindel Support Group Fund>>