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Rosie’s Riveters

Rosie’s “happy place” is the quilting studio her husband Mike created in the family’s Oakwood Hills home. It is here where Rosie selects patterns, cuts and sews patchwork, and stitches and binds quilts of all shapes and sizes, all while living with ALS.

Recently, Rosie quilted 400 masks, nearly all of which the Rileys donated to healthcare workers, the Oakwood Hills police department, friends and neighbors.

When a friend offered to purchase 30 masks, Rosie eagerly accepted the project, but declined payment. Instead, she suggested her friend donate to the fundraising efforts of her Walk team, “Rosie’s Riveters.” So far, Rosie and her teammates have raised over $1,500!

“We formed a team for the ALS Walk for Life as a way to give back to the Les Turner ALS Foundation because without their knowledge, support and kindness, we would be truly lost in the face of this disease,” said Rosie. Sign up to form a team for our ALS Walk for Life today>>


Team Margo

Team Margo is walking to remember its beloved daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and more who passed away from ALS in November of 2018.

“It’s amazing to encourage the people who are going through the journey with ALS because we know that journey,” shared Larry, Team Margo Captain.

Walk Day is an important day for anyone and everyone affected by ALS. Though Margo is no longer with them, Larry reminds us all that “what we get out of it is remembering the person that we lost. This is a special day to remember Margo and the love we have for her.”

Team Margo will be kicking off its own virtual Walk, with team members spread across the United States from Oklahoma to Maryland, Virginia to Chicago, and Missouri to Denver, with our Les Turner ALS family on Saturday, September 26th at 11am. Walk with us>>


Diane’s De”Feet”ers

Take a trip down memory lane with us… it’s September 2019, only two weeks before our annual ALS Walk for Life. Most of our team captains and walkers are in the final stages of preparing for the big day, but Jenny from Tinley Park was just getting started.

A whopping 14 days before event day, Jenny formed the team Diane’s De”Feet”ers to honor her mom, Diane, who had recently been diagnosed with ALS. Jenny could never have predicted in the short amount of time leading up to Walk day her friends and family could raise an astounding $27,000 to support our Les Turner ALS family!

“The Les Turner ALS Foundation and the larger ALS community have become our extended family and inspire us to give back through events such as the ALS Walk for Life,” shares Jenny. This year, Jenny and the rest of Diane’s De”Feet”ers have their sights set on an even loftier goal. Support our Les Turner ALS family just like Diane’s De”Feet”ers>>