Faces of ALS: Renato

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For Renato, despite having been a successful business owner and a politician, his family came first – even after his ALS diagnosis. Caring for his family and specifically his wife was his top priority. As many of us know, being …

Faces of ALS: Frank Granata

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Faces of ALS: Frank Granata – Staying active and enjoying life As a finance executive, Frank Granata often traveled for business. In 2018, after having lived in India for two years for a work assignment, Frank began having neurological issues …

Erin at 2023 Gala

Faces of ALS: Erin Reardon Cohn

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We’re thrilled to welcome Erin Reardon Cohn, Executive Vice President of First Bank Chicago, to her new role as chair of the board of directors. Erin joined the board in 2019 and served as the Foundation’s treasurer for the last …

Faces of ALS: Eloise Nilges

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A Lasting Legacy of Love, Faith, and Adventure Recently, Terri experienced her first Mother’s Day without her mom, Eloise. In this month’s “Faces of ALS,” we learn more about Eloise’s journey with ALS and how Terri continues to honor her …

Faces of ALS: Anita Forté

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Anita Forté – Fighting ALS with Positivity and Gratitude After having dealt with multiple ailments the past few years, along with ALS, there’s no doubt that Anita Forté is a fighter. She wakes up each morning and starts the day …

Lisa Wolfe 2022 Gala

Faces of ALS: Dr. Lisa Wolfe

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Dr. Lisa Wolfe – A Fierce and Empowering ALS Advocate We sat down with this year’s Hope Through Caring Award Honoree, Lisa Wolfe, MD, of Northwestern Medicine, who will be recognized at our Hope Through Caring Gala on May 21. …

Gratitude group at the 2022 Walk

Faces of ALS: Meet our Gratitude Group

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Taking the Extra Step – Meet our Gratitude Group In the age of automated email acknowledgements, mass mailings or no acknowledgements, there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note to brighten your day. We are especially thankful to the generous donors …

Faces of ALS: Mindy Evans-Williams

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Celebrating the Life of a True Giver – Mindy Evans-Williams Mindy Evans-Williams was a true inspiration to the ALS community. Despite having lived with ALS for 29 years, she battled the disease with true courage and positivity. Her sister, Les …